Hilleberg Nallo 2 Camping Tent

A tunnel-design two-person tent from the purveyors of the highest quality shelters – Hilleberg The Nallo 2 from Hilleberg has a long-standing legacy in their already formidable range. The original Nallo was first pitched in 1987 and over 30 years later the reformed and refined design continues to win the accolades of hikers, cyclists, ski mountaineers and backcountry enthusiasts. This staple two-person shelter sits neatly in Hilleberg’s Red Label line, making it the ideal companion for weight-conscious outdoor connoisseurs that still need a strong and roomy tent that’ll keep them safe for weeks in the outback. Unsurprisingly strong and spacious Hilleberg’s proprietary Kerlon 1200 fabric has an outstanding tear strength of 12kg. This siliconised fabric is superbly strong, waterproof and windproof, but still manages to keep the overall weight down on this impressively large shelter – all in the packed weight comes in at 2.4kg. 220cm of lying floor space has ample room for most two-person teams and 1.3m2 of vestibule area leaves space for cooking and kit storage – if you’re needing something with more storage then check out the Nallo 2 GT. Rapid pitching design The legacy of Hilleberg rests on their rapid-pitch tunnel design shelters and trademark attention-to-detail, and the Nallo 2 continues that legacy. The conjoined inner and outer tents mean that pitching in adverse weather is a breeze and the tunnel design allows the Nallo 2 to deal with strong winds exceptionally well. The robust but lightweight construction of this tent makes it ideal for users needing a solid three-season tent that’ll keep them covered for years and will stand up to some heavy storms. Check out Hilleberg’s pitching video for a detailed guide on the Nallo 2’s setup: [youtube id = siZpFAPNWtc] The best bits A lighter-weight 2-person tent for three and some four-season use Built from Hilleberg’s Kerlon 1200 fabric Tunnel design performs extremely well in high winds Conjoined inner and outer ten